You’re a startup or small business focused on sales growth and product development. It’s early days, and while you have traction, all your efforts need to be focused on growing your revenue and creating new value. You can’t afford to be distracted by legal obstacles and challenges; you’ve got milestones to hit.


Legal matters have come up both as points of threat and points of opportunity. You want to mitigate threats and take advantage of opportunities, but doing so seems out of reach. Your human capital model doesn’t allow you to hire a general counsel right now, and day-to-day legal is a growing burden.


You’re exchanging confidential information with counterparties but don’t have a form NDA to send to protect your interests.

You’re engaging in procurement transactions (e.g., raw materials, products, business services, etc.) but don’t have a lawyer reviewing contracts.

You’re engaging in sales transactions but don’t have a well developed sales contract or terms of sale.

You’re hiring employees but don’t have a standardized offer letter, employment agreement, non-compete agreement, or other key documents.

You’ve got employees but don’t have an employee handbook and / or policies, procedures and training on issues such as sexual harassment prevention, bias prevention, data security, cybersecurity, social media use, sales practice, and others.

You’re creating digital content but have copyright / trademark questions.


You want to expand into a new line of business and are unsure of any potential legal, risk or compliance obstacles.

You want to expand into a new foreign or domestic market but are unsure of any applicable legal or compliance requirements.

You want to begin doing wholesale sales but are unfamiliar with the process / don’t have a wholesale agreement.

You’re interested in doing co-branding and partnerships, but don’t have a full grasp of the pertinent legal formalities.

You want to improve management of legal matters internally, including decreasing legal spend on outside law firms, increasing project efficiency, and internalizing some day-to-day functions.

You want to hire specialized legal counsel (e.g., to patent an invention, etc.) but don’t have the network, expertise or bargaining power.

…and these lists are hardly exhaustive.

There are dozens of other threats and opportunities at stake for new and high-growth businesses.


Chatterjee Legal is proud to offer managed legal services to startups and other high-growth businesses. Our Managed Services, sometimes referred to as “Outside General Counsel” or “OGC” services, are an arrangement in which Chatterjee Legal slots in to your existing team structure and serves as the legal department within your business.


Hiring an experienced general counsel can be a $200k+ / yr. burden on your business’s cash flow. Our business model allows us to help new and lean companies prioritize growth by providing crucial legal services for a fraction of their usual cost.


We recognize that every business is different, and we adapt to suit. We offer clients a variety of billing and fee structures in order to best fit their day-to-day legal workload without breaking the bank.


We have experience working with teams of all sizes across a wide scope of industries. From PR & marketing to science & tech, we’re up on ins-and-outs and can hit the ground running. We’re able to port in to your existing communications platforms and even run VTC meetings on a regular basis.


Hiring Chatterjee Legal to provide managed legal services comes with the added benefit of access to our global network of law firms and other professional service providers. From VC finance in Asia to M&A in the Middle East, Chatterjee Legal can leverage its relationships to secure top-tier third party representation on virtually any matter in virtually any jurisdiction.


Our years of in-house legal experience has given us longstanding valued relationships with law firms and other professional services firms worldwide. In many cases, we’re now able to leverage our business model and these relationships to secure valuable discounts for our managed services clients. Additionally, we’re able to help our managed services clients negotiate third party law firm billing across the board.


As veteran in-house counsel, we’ve seen what works and we see what works better. As our managed services clients grow, we’re able to assist them with the formation of in-house legal, risk and compliance groups, as well as on issues of governance on an enterprise-wide basis.


Curious about how Chatterjee Legal’s Managed Services can help your business? Get in touch with us to schedule a consultation and let’s explore the ways we can help you manage legal.