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Our Corporate & Securities practice area deals with the issues at the core of client businesses. From entity structuring and planning to board matters and other corporate governance, the Chatterjee Legal Corporate & Securities practice area addresses client needs with respect to a wide range of issues related to business entities.

We’ve worked with clients of various sizes, from “two people with an idea” all the way up to larger, steady-state businesses. We handle issues pertaining to certificates of incorporation, bylaws, stockholders’ agreements, operating agreements, board of directors structuring and composition, board resolutions, minutes-keeping practices, board committees, advisory boards and committees, foreign company registrations, and similar matters. Regardless of the size or complexity of a client’s business entity structuring and governance, we approach issues in this area with a focus on effective management and clarity.

Our Corporate & Securities practice area also assists startups and other client companies with all things cap table: from founder onboarding to fundraising, and everything in between. We’ve helped founders figure out vesting schedules, larger startups deploy equity option plans, and companies of all sizes conduct fundraising–a key need for most startups and high-growth businesses.

From the more common Reg D Placements to navigating the new and evolving world of equity crowdfunding, Chatterjee Legal serves as a go-to resource for clients seeking to raise capital efficiently and cost-effectively. At our clients’ direction, we often partner with third-party law firms to execute complex fundraisings, allowing our clients to capture a broad range of strategic advice on a favorable cost basis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Absolutely you can. We love assisting founders with taking the first steps on their startup journey. Some of the firm’s largest clients today started out with us as nothing more than some smart people with an idea.

Sure! While some clients come to us as serial founders, who’ve been through the whole process of raising capital for a new startup before, a large number of our clients have had no prior experience with any of it. And while Chatterjee Legal’s mission is to provide competent and cost-effective legal services, a big part of that mission involves educating our clients so they can make optimized decisions.

As a firm, we do not. We do, however, partner with third-party CPAs, tax attorneys and other tax-related advisors to ensure that all tax-related matters are handled with the appropriate level of care and professional competence.

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